Wat is Nederland

In the exhibition What is the Netherlands curator Stephan Petermann (AMO, the research department of OMA) outlines a portrait of 14 Dutch contributions to the World Expo since 1910. AMO transforms the 14 radically different pavilions into a series of models, realised on the same scale, which for the first time creates an overview and offers possibilities for new analysis. The dedication and pride with which the Netherlands puts itself in the spotlight each time is striking. The exhibition features highlights from the presentations within the pavilions, including a mural by Karel Appel and a series of chairs from the pavilions, revealing striking developments in Dutch design: from Michel de Klerk to Maarten Baas.

Commissioned by Het Nieuwe Instituut
Curated by Stephan Petermann (AMO/OMA)
Spatial design by Marieke van den Heuvel
Model Design and production by Cédric van Parys, with Laurence Bolhaar and Emile Estourgie, (AMO/OMA)

Graphic design with the help of Sandra Kassenaar